Jessica van Dijk's work revolves around experiencing. She combines her love for nature and photography with her preferred medium and has started exhibiting and selling the stunning results.

Using an analytical, researching style, she approaches her subjects as a journalist rather than as a photographer. She wants to ask the difficult questions and feels it is important to keep confronting and challenging herself.

This led her to her search for the right way to incorporate human beings and their views into her work. Her images are therefore a reflection of herself and the world; a result of careful investigation.



A capturist tries to capture a moment or feeling that is the essence of that which he or she wants to convey.

Jessica van Dijk's work is a journey toward self-discovery during which she immerses herself in her natural environment. After researching and analyzing her project to the detail, she tries to capture an emotion by letting go all rational thought, losing herself in the very moment of the experience.

The results are carefully constructed portraits full of tension as she tries to make her inner feelings external in an almost surrealistic image - as if the women are rising up out of nature, hauntingly emotive and strong. The image captures the viewer's attention and lets them feel and reflect on the layers of meaning to be discovered in her photographic works.


To guarantee exclusiveness, all prints from the portfolio are printed in limited editions. You will receive an official certificate of authenticity with your purchase. Fine Art prints are available from €450 (excl 6% VAT). Prices depend partly on size and edition of the print.

In order to guarantee the finest quality, Jessica collaborates with master printer WilcoVak. This collaboration also allows for the production of customized prints.

Jessica will be happy to visit you at home to provide you with personal advice. She will discuss size, location, background, and illumination with you on-site based on a predetermined rate. The quotation you will receive afterward offers a visual representation of how your artwork could look in your own environment.



Two of Jessica's works have been on display at Golf Club Havelte since January 10, 2018.

Both artworks are printed on museum-quality material (fine-art print with a Diasec® TruLife museum glass finish and a handmade walnut frame).

For personal advice or a visit, please contact Jessica by filling out the contact form, sending her an e-mail, or giving her a phone call. She will be happy to welcome you at this gorgeous location with a cup of tea or coffee.


Expected in 2018

The Frisian regional museum in Gorredijk is going to host an exhibition devoted to the Friesian Horse, which will open on August 11, 2018. 
Jessica van Dijk will be one of fifteen artists contributing to this exhibtion with her distinctive portrayal of this beautiful animal.

In a telling story, she will translate her emotions and vision on the treatment of animals into image.

Join both Jessica's Facebook page and the Facebook page "Het Friese Paard in Beeld", and accompany her to this exceptional, three-month exhibition full of surprising elements.






Two of Jessica's works will be displayed in the Zienn building in Leeuwarden from May 3 through May 31, 2018, as part of the European Capital of  Culture 2018 program. Throughout the year, she and many other artists, including Ans Markus, will be exhibiting works on the theme of "Immaterial beauty".

Admission is free

Adress: Nieuwe Weg 3 in Leeuwarden

More information:


Jessica van Dijk

Kolonieweg 47, 7971 RB Havelte

0031 - 521 - 851 853 / 00316 - 30 48 58 42

Chamber of Commerce no: 56865104



Jessica van Dijk cooperates with:

WilcoVak B.V. Fine-art Printing and Framing
Merle van der Kooi Zinnig Dier
Yze Webdesign Design & Media
Mayke van den Hoorn Textwriter
Golfclub Havelte